Screenshot is the site you are currently looking at, and my own professional site. You have already found it if you are reading this, but I want to tell you a little about how it has been built. The site is being hosted on Siteground. I was looking for a new hosting service to resolve some of the issues I was having with my current long-time hosting partner, and Siteground is highly recommended for their performance and ease of use. So far I am extremely happy with Siteground, and will be moving more sites there in the near future. Another first for this site is that it makes use of Elemenator Pro to build many of the page layouts. I continue to use Divi as well, but I needed to be able to add Elementor to my toolbox. Posts (like the one you’re currently reading) still use the WordPress block editor.

  • Utilizing the Astra Pro theme
  • Pages built with Elementor Pro page builder
  • Hosting by Siteground